Zippo 46024 – 2024 Collection of the Year (Limited Edition 5,000 sets only and consecutively serialized)

For sale in SINGAPORE ONLY! Click the Whatsapp button to enquire. All of these products are Made in USA, and come packaged with a gift box. Please use original Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints and wicks for optimum performance.

Zippo 2024 Collectible Of The Year Sgd 228

Zippo 46024
2024 Collectible of the Year
Limited Edition 5,000 sets only, consecutively serialised

Commemorating 3 significant Zippo milestones, this stunning art piece celebrates:

  • 50 years of the Venetian design
  • 40 years of Zippo Black Matte finish
  • 20 years of deep carved decoration

This is the specially created edition for the Asia Pacific region, and features:

  • Black Matte Armor case
  • Intricate Venetian pattern on 4 sides
  • Iconic Zippo deep carved amongst Multicut pinstripes
  • Special edition black insert with matching laser engraved Venetian pattern
  • Luxury bottom stamp
  • Collector’s gift box