What kind of laser?

Villagesmith uses state-of-the-art fiber laser that delivers class-leading detail in engraving.

What image resolution is best?

We recommend high resolution images for engraving but understand not all pictures supplied by customers will reach our recommended resolution of 600 dpi.  As part of the conversion of images for laser engraving we will optimize each and every image to get the best results possible.  However, the resulting engraving does ultimately depends on the quality of the source file.  We highly recommend that customers correspond with us before engraving and we will present by email a simulated rough estimate representative image of how the resulting engraving will be.  As laser engraved images are not the same as photos on a computer screen that uses anti-aliasing to present images some variances between the two is expected and perfectly normal.

What Email should I use with Orders?

Please ensure that the email you use is the same PayPal Email you used to sign in. This is a security feature to reduce fraud. All orders may be checked and verified, and fraudulent orders may be reported to the authorities, and orders can be rejected.

What is the production workflow like?

  1. Customer chooses product and make purchase using paypal (International) or money transfer (for within Singapore).
  2. Upon confirmation of receipt of funds we will ask the customer to send us the image for engraving.
  3. We will process and optimize the image and reply with a simulated engraving that serves as a rough guide of outcome of engraving.
  4. Upon confirmation by customer for the go ahead we will then proceed to engrave the item.  Once engraved no further changes can be made and any refund/return/exchange is no longer possible.


All Shipping local or international will be by means of SingPost registered.


Please note that we will not ship Zippo lighters & Parker pens internationally, as these products are restricted for sale within Singapore exclusively.