Lucky clovers

A little story about Lucky Clovers

Irish folklore tells of Lady luck growing the Four Leaf Clover in the Garden of Eden.

The 4-Leaf Clover represents a rare occurrence of the normally 3-Leaf Clover, also known as the “Shamrock”. The approximate probability of a 4-Leaf Clover amongst the common 3-Leaf Clovers is one in several thousands.  Typically, one 4-Leaf Clover is found amongst approximately every 8000-10000 3-Leaf Clovers.

For centuries in the West, the mystical 4-Leaf Clover has been associated with good luck, and has been reputed to bring its owner great fortune.  Often worn as a good luck charm, the 4-leaf Clover is reputed for their ability to ward off evil spirits and dispel negative energy.

The four leaves represent Wealth, Health, Love & Fame.  There are other interpretations as to what each leaf petal represents.  Each leaf in a 3-Leaf Shamrock is also said to represent Faith, Hope & Love, with the fourth leaf representing Luck.

What makes VillageSmith’s Clovers extra special?


The team behind VillageSmith has extensive experience with producing genuine Clover accessories in Singapore for over 20 years.

From procuring the leaves, preservation and encasement in the epoxy matrix, production of the metal accessory components, we exert stringent quality control throughout the processes and only utilise best-in-class premium materials.


For a start, all our jewelry items ( pendants, bracelets, etc) are crafted entirely of either of two types of non-tarnish materials:

  1. Premium Surgical Stainless Steel
  2. Grade 1 pure Titanium (for larger pendants to take advantage of lighter weight)

Unlike inferior materials, the metals we use do not rust and can be worn by almost anyone without risk of allergy.  Most Clover jewelry available are made with just a very thin electroplating over cheap alloys which will eventually rust and potentially cause skin allergies.  Some vendors utilising these inferior metals may even recommend a coat of nail varnish or epoxy as an attempt to retard the deterioration of the material. On the contrary, at VillageSmith, we are of the opinion that it should all start with using top quality non-tarnish premium metals.

Our pendants, bracelets and other wearable accessories are predominantly CNC-milled from a block of premium surgical steel or Grade 1 Titanium and then individually and painstakingly polished by our experienced craftsmen. The process is similar to how luxury watch cases are made.  So they are meticulously milled and finished one by one and not mass produced, thus ensuring best quality possible.


We know many of our customers regularly make wishes or meditate on their lucky Clovers.

VillageSmith pioneered Laser engraving of customers’ names and lucky messages, wishes or blessings, or spiritual verses, lucky symbols, etc on Clover accessories. This service is free of charge and is done on-the-spot in our shop.  We operate a state-of-the-art professional Laser engraving facility that produces superior results compared to mechanical systems.  Also, there is a wide choice of fonts & even any foreign languages (For languages that we are unable to type on our system we process and engrave it as a graphics file).  This laser engraving is possible on most of the Clover accessories in our store.

Customers have repeatedly complimented us on how having wishes and blessings permanently etched into their clover items make them feel they are wishing and receiving the luck from the Clovers 24/7 every second of every day!

Giving personalised Clover accessories to friends or loved ones is also much closer to the heart!


All our Clover accessories are packed in gift boxes with accompanying Certificates of Authenticity.  6-Leaf and above Clovers will have deluxe serialised Certificate Cards.


Having over 20 years experience of producing genuine Clover accessories and selling them at the lowest retail prices possible directly to customers (no middle men involved) has given us tremendous economy of scale.  As such, we are able to use the best materials, produce the most lavish gift packaging compared to any Clover accessories packaging on the market.  By having lower retail pricing, we are simply able to sell a lot more Clovers, this in turn reduces our costs substantially due to economy of scale.

Buy 2 GET 1 FREE

This ongoing promotion is valid for 4-leaf through 9-Leaf Clovers.  The promotion is not applicable to 10-Leaf Clover and above.

Warning:  It has came to our attention that our deluxe packaging and certificate of authenticity cards has been use to peddle accessories from other companies.  We urge customers to purchase directly from us for assurance of authenticity and quality.  In these situations, please note that our certificate of authenticity for our genuine clover accessories will not be valid without an accompanying proof of purchase.  We urge all customers to contact us in our physical store or enquire directly on this website.

4-Leaf Clovers and beyond…

4-Leaf Clovers are not the only possible variation in nature, more leaves can be found. The rarity of the occurrence is directly proportional to the number of leaves. 6-Leaf Clover, 7-Leaf Clover, 8-Leaf Clover, 9-Leaf Clover…the more leaf petals on a single leaf, the more sought after by collectors.

Currently, the rarest Clover leaf in stock is the 12-leaf Clover. Truly spectacular to behold!