Zippo laser engraving

As the pioneer of Laser Engraving in Singapore, we have customised thousands of Zippos over the years.  We offer on-the-spot engraving, using state-of-the-art German fiber Laser systems.

Traditionally, engraving of Zippos are done by mechanical rotary tools (computerised or manual) that produces inferior results compared to Lasers.

Zippo utilises a variety of base materials and different surface coatings for their lighters.  With our extensive engraving experience, we can suggest the best technique and type of engraving to be used for each specific surface of the lighter.

We engrave photos, graphics, text with a wide array of fonts & in foreign languages, logos, artwork, signatures, etc, etc…  Laser Engraving typically takes 20 to 90 minutes depending on complexity & how busy we are in the store at that moment.

We charge a subsidised rate of Laser engraving for lighters purchased in our store:

  • Text engraving (unlimited number of words that will fit, different fonts available) :  S$10 per side 
  • Image engraving (photos, artwork, logos etc only non-copyrighted or own artwork please): S$19 per side

For lighters not purchased from us, a different set of charges will apply.

We welcome you to visit us any time!