Zippo Lighter Singapore - Original Zippo Series

Zippo Lighter – Original Zippo from S$29

Original Zippo

  • From S$29

  • For sale in SINGAPORE only!

  • Whatsapp to +6598509298, your Name, Zippo Model, and Delivery Address, Pay with Paylah/PayNow

  • Laser Engraving options

  • Delivery by NinjaVan or Self-Collect (NB: Delivery is dependent on NinjaVan schedules)

There’s nothing like a customised original Zippo lighter with personalized laser engraving. Zippo is still manufactured in the USA, and is regarded as the most iconic lighter in the world.

Engraved Zippos are priced from S$39 & up, inclusive of the lighter and the customised laser engraving, so there’s one for every budget!

As the pioneer of Laser Engraving in Singapore, we have customised thousands of Zippos over the past decade. We offer on-the-spot Laser engraving, using state-of-the-art German fiber Laser systems. Being Fiber-Laser driven & utilising top notch optics and Laser galvo & controller, our laser Beam diameter is the tiniest available hence the details and quality of the resulting engraving. Engraving by mechanical engraving or lower quality laser systems will absolutely pale in comparison.

Traditional engraving of Zippos are done by mechanical rotary tools (computerised or manual) that generate inferior results compared to Lasers.

Zippo utilises a myriad of materials and coatings for their lighters. Having engraved thousands of Zippos over a decade, we can suggest the best technique and type of engraving to be used for each specific surface of the lighter.

We engrave photos, text with a wide array of fonts & in foreign languages, logos, artwork, signatures, etc. Laser Engraving typically takes 10 to 60 minutes depending on complexity and how busy we are in the store at that moment.

We charge a subsidised rate of Laser engraving for lighters purchased in our store:

  • Text engraving (unlimited number of words that will fit) : S$10 per side
  • Image engraving (photos, artwork, logos etc non-copyrighted or own artwork please): S$19 per side

For lighters not purchased from us, a different set of charges will apply.

Volume discounts apply based on specific quantity and engraving.

We welcome you to visit us any time!

Please find below some suggested Zippos that are optimal for laser engraving. These lighters are like a blank slate, waiting for your ideas and designs to come alive!

Zippo Lighter Singapore - Zippo Armor, Zippo Chrome

  • Zippo #250 High Polish Chrome. S$40
  • Zippo #200 Brushed Chrome S$31
  • Zippo #205 Satin Chrome S$29
  • Zippo $167 Armor, High Polish Chrome S$52
  • Zippo #162 Armor, Brushed Chrome S$42

Iconic, dependable, durable, classic, that is the Zippo Chrome lighter.

Add versatility when it comes to Laser engraving.

The high polish chrome Zippos are the most ideal for photograph engraving, for enhanced contrast and effect. Also, the chrome surface is more durable than many color coatings. The engraved portions with photographs are also not prone to finger print marks.

Satin chrome and brushed chrome is more suited to vector artwork, and not for photographs as the texture on them can distract from the engraved artwork in some instances.

Armor Zippos are reputed to be bulletproof and are the more robust variants with shells that are about 50% thicker than regular Zippos. They are characterised by the “A” Armor Logo located at the bottom of the lighter, and are slightly more rounded and heavier than regular Zippos as well. Armor Zippos are available in high polish and brushed chrome.

The most affordable Zippo is Satin Chrome #205 – S$29 only!

Zippo Lighter Singapore - Zippo brass

  • Zippo #204B Brushed Brass S$42
  • Zippo #168 Armor, Brushed Brass S$53
  • Zippo #1941B 1941 Replica Brushed Brass S$52
  • Zippo #240 Vintage Brushed Brass with slashes S$45

Retro, vintage, and often portrayed on the silver screen. That is the Zippo brass lighter.

They are also loved for their ability to tarnish for that vintage look.

Laser engraving of text or vector artwork in high contrast black looks stunning.

The Armor brass lighter (#168) is also available, which has a thicker shell ( about 50% thicker).

Zippo Lighter Singapore - color

  • Zippo #29899 High Polish Indigo S$51
  • Zippo #24756 High Polish Black (formerly “Ebony”) S$51
  • Zippo #24247 High Polish Purple S$51
  • Zippo #20446 High Polish Blue (formerly “Sapphire”) S$51
  • Zippo #28129 High Polish Green (formerly “Chameleon”) S$51
  • Zippo #151 Multi Color Spectrum (formerly “Spectrum”) S$51

Luscious, vibrant, attractive. The high polish color Zippo.

This year (2019), Zippo introduces the new “High Polish Indigo”. A mesmerising model with a color-shifting finish that morphs between deep purples and blues depending on ambient lighting conditions.

The high polish black (formally named “Ebony”) is the perennial favourite.

High polish Color Zippos are also versatile for the laser engraving of images, logos, graphics, text, etc.